Gixxer Self Start Problem!


It was right after my 6th service, when I started noticing this problem. The bike has been performing tremendously well, till then. It is still one of the best bikes to ride in the city giving a good mileage. It’s very decent in touring. I have personally done 400+ Km rides one way, without any difficulty.

And all of a sudden, this happens. Completely out of the blue. I was left wondering, what actually happened. The kick starter, the headlamps,  the indicators, the front display, everything was working fine, except for the self starter. I started searching online to find an answer to my queries. Most of them suggesting either a self-start motor problem or that the battery needs to be replaced. I took it to the service center immediately. They suggested that, I should change the battery, to which I was a bit skeptical about. I did not change it that very day. I observed that the self starter works fine once the engine gets warm, after the vehicle moves a bit and the battery gets charged a bit. After this, I even went for a 1000KM ride using only the kickstarter without any difficulties.

A month passed with me using only the kick-starter. Since the issue was still persisting and since it was bothering me very much, I took it to the service center again. This time, I asked them to charge the battery instead of replacing it. I did not want to replace it, since it has only been less than two years since I bought the bike. They charged it for the entire day. The self starter worked for a couple of days, after which, it again started causing issues. Now this, left me with no other choice than to change the battery.

Recently, I’ve been observing that, this issue has started occurring for more and more riders and it is a common problem in the Gixxer 155 model. Some have even put it up in their youtube channel. See the link below posted by one youtuber.

Gixxer self start problem

If you are also facing/have faced this issue, let me know in the comments below, how you are planning to tackle/ have tackled this problem. Meanwhile, I will be doing an another round to the service center and get the batteries changed. I will keep you guys posted on the same.


Happy & Safe riding!


14 thoughts on “Gixxer Self Start Problem!

  1. Hello Dear,
    My byke age 3+ months. I am also facing same problem with my Gixxer from last two days. working fine with kick start but when self given, symptom says battery down. Checked battery voltage is 15.5V, which mean to me Battery ok.
    From your post, I think your problem could be battery charging from coil. May be there is over charging protection or fuse which is not functioning. You can check this matter.

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    1. My issue was the battery. Since charging it did not work, I had to replace it. Since yours is still under warranty, you can get it replaced.


  2. Hi bro,
    I am having the same kind of self start problem. I have completed 2 years since i bought my gixxer and wondering how to get the self start problem repaired since i am planning to go for a 1200 km ride in july 2nd week. I have completed a total of 28000 kms since the day i bought and got the battery replaced a year before due to chennai flood. i am getting this problem just recently 3 months back. i have told the service centre guys yet it is not resolved. Though it occurs rarely, i am little worried whether it will create a problem for my long ride. I am confused whether i have to recharge the battery. Help me out.
    Thank you.

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    1. Try going to the service centre and ask them to charge the battery. See if it works, else you would have to change it. If you are still under the warranty, you are lucky.


  3. Hi bro not the same issue but sometimes i got the self start problem.. I cleaned my plug and its fine now. Also another problem might be your clutch try to start without holding the clutch fully this also happens to solve. Thank you.


  4. Buddy have you ever faced any problem with self start in monsoon. My Gixxer’s self start stops working after it gets wet in rain. I faced this problem last year and this year its happening again. The
    rain water also leaks in fuel tank. Every time I open the fuel cap I can see the rain water accumulated at the corners. Do you have any solution for this??

    Waiting for the reply


  5. I have also facing the same problem last month 2017 but i don’t have any solution to solve this problem because i changed my battery 🔋 & carbon wire after i done this & i got it same problem I’m very frustrated
    what should be how to do????
    Guy’s you have any solution please email me.


  6. Same problem here. The display goes of while i try to start the bike. I don’t think its the battery problem as its just been 2 weeks after my battery has been charged. There is something wrong with the starter. My bike is 6 months old and i face this problem. Is it because of the winter cold temperatures?? But even just after the ride, even when the engine is hot i faced this problem. Please advice me about what to do?


  7. I am facing totally different issue with self start. It has self start issue from the first day. When I put my bike in sun light for 2+ hour. Self start is not working properly. It is taking 2-3 try to start by cell and after that it is working on the first attempt.


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