SMK Helmets – Twister Review


The SMK Helmets, as a brand are fairly new to the market. They are still on the rise. Not many people know this, but SMK helmets are Italian designed and manufactured by Studds, which is one of the leading manufacturers of helmets in India. But unlike the ISI certified Studds Helmets, the SMK ones are ECE 22.05 certified helmets meant for the European market. If you are not sure what these standards are, in simple words, for anything to be manufactured and sold in the market with good quality, it needs to follow a benchmark- a set of standards. In India, we have ISI and in Europe, we have ECE 22.05 for helmets.

The standards set by the ISI for helmets are a bit lower compared to the foreign ones – DOT and ECE. The SMK helmets have passed the ECE 22.05 certification, which i feel is better than DOT certified (US standard), since in ECE, the helmets are tested before it goes to the market, whereas in DOT, helmets are taken in random from the market and tested. Most people disagree with my remark, but then again this is just my personal opinion.


The helmet is a very good piece of work – Design wise as well feature wise. It satisfied all the points in my checklist.

  • ECE Certification – Protection comes first and this certification guarantees it
  • Pinlock Visor (Antifog Visor along with normal) – For all those early morning foggy and rainy day rides
  • Sun Visor – For those sunny day rides. You need not change your visor for day and night rides. It is adjustable from outside itself.
  • Hygiene – The material inside the helmet is antibacterial.
  • Good Padding – It fits perfectly and makes sure that the helmet does not come off, in case of an impact.
  • Bluetooth Headset port – In case you are planning to fit a bluetooth headset sometime in the future.
  • 180 deg vision – Free vision without obstruction is a must to ride in traffic.



I personally have bought a Twister model of SMK. They are currently available in ebay and motocentral. I bought it from ebay, since they were giving some discounts. The helmet came in with a helmet bag, which looks good but is not that strong. So don’t expect to carry it inside that. Mine broke on the very first day I took it out. You can buy a stronger one, if you want. The one which I ordered is having a matte finish. The helmet came by default with a pinlock visor. The fitting was a bit tight. Hence putting it on and removing the helmet was a bit difficult. You have to pull the straps apart to actually put on the helmet.

I tried the helmet in all conditions – Sunny, really sunny, freezing cold, foggy, rainy. In all these conditions the helmet excelled. When things were really hot, the ventilation in the front and the top helped a lot. The air circulation was good when the vehicle was moving, but things get hot, when you are riding in traffic. The sun visor, which can be easily opened and retracted helped a lot to prevent glare. In cold temperatures, the helmet did protect my face from the cold. The helmet visor is almost air tight when you close it, and that prevent the water from coming inside the helmet during rainy days. The only con I noticed so far after riding for more than 1000 kms with it was that, even though that the company claims of good noise cancellation, there is a slight wind drag noise that comes, if you go at high speeds.

Altogether, the helmet packs a whole lot of features in such a small budget. The closest competition LS2 or MT, might give a better look and comfort for an extra 2-3k. But it would still not give all the features given by the SMK. The ones giving somewhat similar features would cost you aroung 9k to 10k. The pinlock visor, which comes as an additional fit, by itself, would cost you around 1k. It comes by default in SMK. The SMK helmets gives the same protection plus a whole lot more features for just a price tag of 4.3k. THH and Kranos offer cheaper DOT or ECE certified helmets, but you have to pay a lot more to get the same features as the SMK. This helmet is best suited for the Indian roads and Indian market. If you are planning on buying a helmet, then I would definitely recommend this one.

Please let me know in the comments below on what you think of this SMK helmet, if you already have one. I will be happy to answer your queries as well, if you are planning on buying this helmet. If you know a better helmet in this budget, you can put that down below as well.


SMK Helmets fitted with SMK A-2 Bluetooth device has been spotted for sale in Moto Central. They are selling for an extra 4000 bucks.

SMK Bluetooth Fitted Helmets

If someone gets their hands on one, please review it and share the link.

Till then, Happy Riding 🙂


20 thoughts on “SMK Helmets – Twister Review

  1. Thanks for the review, I just bough one off ebay, though I am going for a modular one as they are easier to put on, I get to have more air if needed and drinking from a bottle with helmet on is possible 🙂
    What I am looking for now is a compatible bluetooth headset that would fit this helmet.

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  2. Great! I was a bit skeptical about modular helmets, that was the reason I went for the Twister Model. Let me know on how it is fairing on the road.

    Check out Mumbiker Nikhil’s video on bluetooth headset, if it may help you out.


    1. Sorry for the delay in my response. I dont think SMK has released any bluetooth kit on it’s own. You can again check Mumbiker Nikhil’s video on a bluetooth headset, he has installed in the link below. Since the SMK helmets have a slot to install the bluetooth kit, It would be easier to fit it without much difficulty, unlike the other helmets.

      Please try it out, let me know how its working out for you.


  3. I’ve always loved SMK and recently purchased one as well. The only thing it needs to improve is it’s look, other than that it’s a great helmet. Personally I found it better than LS2 and MT helmets.


  4. I was surprised when you mentioned studds make SMK helmets for European market. But frankly, SMK is far better than the usual studds & Vega helmets.
    BTW is SMK twister good for a guy wearing specs, I do wear specs & I feel that the inner sun visor might be a little annoying.
    I’m confused with SMK twister & MT mugello helmet. Which one should I go. I see that a lot of features on the SMK.


    1. It did take me a good amount of research to find out that SMK was from Studds, back when I was planning to buy it, Since there were not many reviews or blogs written about SMK that time. This blog was written to solve that problem.

      Nowadays, I can see SMK being sold in most helmet shops. You can go to any of these shops and do a hand in hand comparison. As far as wearing glasses is concerned, I think that it should not be a problem if you put it on after you wear the helmet. The inner lining does offer a tight fit acrosse you skull, which is a good thing.

      MT is always a bigger brand. If you have the extra buck, you can go for it. But if you ask me, SMK is more than enough for the indian market.


  5. I have bought SMK twister recently. I would like to ask you a couple of things. How do you feel the weight of the helmet is distributed? Also did the cushioning loosen up after using the helmet for some time?


    1. A very good question. The helmet is a bit on the heavier side. You would not feel it while riding ofcourse. Do not worry about this.

      Regarding the tightness of the cushioning and inner lining, it did bother me when I was putting it on and off in the initial days. But after sometime, once you get the technique right by pulling the straps apart while putting it on, realized that this was not a problem to begin with. The helmet should fit your skull perfectly and not be hanging loose. I would advise you to go to a helmet shop and try it out once to find the right size.


  6. My doubt is can we use SMK helmets for racing purpose(legal 2w track racing)?
    The reason why I’m shooting this question is that In tracks DOT certified helmets are allowed which has a default D-lock type straps and when coming to SMK helmets, they are ECE 22.05 certified(which is far better than DOT) which does not consist of D-lock type straps.
    Will they allow SMK helmets for racing purpose? if not because of this D-lock type straps, is there anyway that we can able to change the straps to D-lock type.
    Please need your suggestion asap.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Sathish Krishnan


  7. Hi dude it’s not cover ISI marked usually in indian market if ISI had mean it’s good one If not it’s not use according to policies.


    1. You are wrong and right.

      ISI is the set of standards that India follows, ECE by Europe and DOT by USA. When it comes to helmets, ISI certification is substandard compared to the ECE and DOT certifications respectively. I am not saying that it is bad, but ECE and DOT are way better. The tests that these foreign helmets need to pass ensure better protection of the rider.

      So you are wrong when you tell ISI is the better one. But you are right when you tell that is not according to the policies.

      The ISI standards needs to be revised. We live in a age with better and faster motorcycles on an unsafe and unpredictable road. So till is gets revised, it is better to pay the price than to pay the bigger price.


    1. The helmets are genuine, but as per indian government, the helmet should be having the sub standard ISI certification. Even though they offer better protection, they are not legally approved.

      I would still say that “Better to pay the price than pay the bigger price”


  8. I want to ask you regarding the wind noises at high speeds. I am planning to do a bit of touring and are the wind noises inside bearable as I will be maintaining 80+ Kmph speed for a considerable amount of time. Is it manageable or should I look elsewhere?


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