Gixxer SF on a long ride

After buying the bike in july, I never got a chance to take it on a long ride. This blog is about my ride to my Hometown (Palakkad) from bangalore (423kms). I finally got the leaves approved for taking it for a long one. I looked for some blog or articles which would actually help me in preparing for the same, but none actually helped me with any info on how the bike would perfom in the ride. Hope this one helps riders treading on the same path

The Suzuki Gixxer SF is the full faired version of the highly popular and acclaimed 155cc naked street Suzuki Gixxer. The Gixxer SF, SF for Sport Fairing, is not much different from the naked Gixxer, except the addition of the fairing or the aluminium exhaust end cover, and also the clear

The Route (BangaloreHosur-Krishnagiri-Dharmapuri-Salem-Erode-Coimbatore-Palakkad)

The road from Bangalore to Palakkad via Salem are very well maintained 4 and 6 lane roads. There is a major town/city every 60kms.

The preparation

The major concern which i had was that, how i was supposed to carry my luggage. I knew that if i am just wearing it, sooner or later my back is gonna start aching. I knew that I had to tie it to my bike somehow, but was thinking how i can do it without scraping off the paint. That is when i found a slot near the foot peg which was perfect to strap on a rope or a bungee cord. I bought two bungee cords of length 1.5 metre for 42 bucks eachs (a very good deal) from DMart. With these, I was able to tie my bag. One strap over the bag and under the passenger rails acting as the main thing which will hold the bag, and another to balance and hold it steady. The bag stayed rigid and would not move at all. Since it rained in the morning before i started, i put a rain cover on my bag as well.


The journey

Knowing the traffic in bangalore well, I decided to start early at around 5:30AM. I wanted to leave the city before the traffic starts. But it started raining from 5 to 6, and I could start only at 6:20AM. The roads were a bit wet, but the water was draining. I maintained a good speed and reached silk board by 7:00AM. There was a bit of traffic in the electronic city flyover, but easily maneuverable with a bike. By 7:15AM, I was out of the city and onto the highway.

The roads were very well maintained and smooth. I maintained a speed between 80 to 100. After passing Hosur, I decided that I would stop at a good place to eat as well as freshen up. I found exactly what I wanted at Shoolagiri. There was a place, which had a petrol bunk, a McD and a veg Restaurant. Since it was less crowded and since I wanted to cover as much as turf as possible before the sun comes out, I decided to go to McD. I ordered one Mc Egg and a Coffee. While it was getting ready, I freshened up as well. After having good light breakfast, I started again.

I maintained a very good pace and covered more than 200 kms. After 10AM, the sun came out, and since it was summer, I started feeling the heat. I could feel the heat through my shoes. The engine, even though being air cooled did not heat up that much, even in this climate. I was pretty impressed by this. Then I decided to make at quick stop at 11AM, as I did not make any stop after I left shoolagiri (which was 100 kms behind). I drank some water, stretched a bit and then started again. This time I started getting hungry again and decided to look for a place to eat. It was only after covering another 40kms, I found a good place to eat. Since it was 11:30AM, I was doubtful if they had breakfast, as I did not want to eat heavily (I wanted to eat the lunch from home, which mom made herself). Luckily, they were having dosa. I had that and a refreshing lime juice. I had parked the bike under the shade as well. I did not want to strain the thing, as it was his first experience on long ride.

Starting down the road again, after a good light second breakfast, I felt good. I saw that Palakkad was just another 120 kms away. The thought of Mom’s homely food gave me surge of energy. I decided that I would not make another stop, till I reach home. Actually I had to make another stop just before Coimbatore to fill Petrol. The entire staff there were women. One them asked me where I was coming from and where I was going. She even suggested me to take a shorter route (without touching Coimbatore City).

When I got near the Kerala border, I saw it. This big red bus has its own fan page in Facebook. The nostalgic feeling it gives when a Malayali looks at it cannot be expressed in words. He/She will remember each and every journey he made in one of the Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) buses. Memories just rushed into me. Only the poor condition of the roads, which were under construction brought me back. By 1:30PM, I reached home. My dogs greeted me first, they were as happy as me to see them. I gave my parents a surprise, as I had not told them about my plan to come home. 


The bike with its rigid straight handlebars really was good for a long ride. Even with its aggressive seating position did not cause any issue. The seats had a good cushion in them which actually helps a lot. The engine did not heat up that much, but I would still recommend stopping for while for it to cool down once every 100 kms atleast. 

The route was pretty much straight and boring. No bends or curves. You will find a major town every 60 kms. The entire stretch was in a good condition. 


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