On our saddles to horsley hills

My close buddy Nitin came from kochi to bangalore for the weekend. He had no plans other than getting stoned and high the whole weekend. So I suggested to go to horsley hills (heard about it from some blog ). We researched a bit on the place and liked what we saw (The wiki link for the Horsley hills, to see what we saw). Our focus was actually on the road there rather than the place. The ride was actually 150kms from bangalore. The route seemed simple.(We had no idea, what was waiting for us)

My three other friends, Vyshak, Darshan and Rakesh also joined us on the ride. We decided to start early at around 5:30AM in the morning. So we all stayed at Vysakh’s house. We actually left bangalore at 6:30AM, as i had to fill fuel and check the tyre pressure. We even saw the sunrise when we were at the outskirts of bangalore. The round orange sun rising from behind the buildings were a sight to be seen. We maintained a speed at 80km/hr.


After covering our first 60kms, we took our first break. After a while, we noticed that the terrain and the roads started changing after that.The roads got narrower. Towards the left and right side, nothing but plain empty land. No shops or petrol bunks or ATMs(Warning: If you are making this ride, please carry cash with you. You wont find any ATMS in Horsley Hills). We decided to have breakfast, but the towns we passed by were very small ones with nothing that looked like a hotel. Finally we stopped in one town and decided to ask the people there, where could get some food. The local people knew neither Hindi nor English. Communication was difficult for us since none of us spoke kannada or telegu (this town was in the Andhra-Karnataka border). We had to ask in hand signs. Luckily we stopped right in front of a small house that was turned into a hotel.



The hotel was a small room. There were two long chairs and two long tables. He gave us dosas and chutney. We were very hungry. We had 14 dosas and 5 coffees.


The food was delicious and the coffee was refreshingly good. Finally we asked for the bill and he told 95Rs. Tears almost rolled out of our eyes. If it had been bangalore the bill would have been more than 200. We gave him 100 and started again. Just 10 minutes after we started, we reached a breathtaking lake shining like silver. We made a stop there and clicked a few pics. The view was magnificent.


Then again we started on the road. The roads this time got a bit more challenging. There were some points where there were no roads, some places where road construction is going on. The most dangerous fact about the roads was that the bad ones came right after the good ones. In the good ones, we sped up and suddenly had to push the brakes the down when the bad ones came. After sometime we passed one big town (forgot the name). Finally we reached a stretch of wide straight road. The road was really good here. Continuing down the path, we found our place to the right (see below).


After this point, its entirely up the hill. There were around 7 U turns. Since the roads were in good condition, ride to the top was really fun.


You can see my friend showing off above. If you are a fan of cornering, then you wont be disappointed. When we finally reached horsley hills, we realized that it was actually a very small town. We went to the windy rocks, where we clicked a few pictures and relaxed a bit. There were a few seats with shade.


Later on when we started to get hungry again, we decided to find a place to grab a bite. We found a Hotel, but was told that they dont accept card and also that there are no ATMs in horsley hills. The Hotel owner told us that there was a government Hotel nearby where they do accept cards. We decided to go there. On the way we saw a public toilet, where we freshened up and emptied our tanks. There was also a small store nearby, from where we bought some snacks, water and juice. We got refreshed and started feeling alive. Having decided that we will have lunch somewhere on the way back, we started again, down the hill this time.

We stopped on the big town we passed by in the morning. We asked the people there for a decent restaurant from where we could have our lunch. They pointed us to one restaurant. It looked warm and welcoming. It was run by women. They served us meals. It was divine. The food was really delicious. They gave us curd as well. It was the best curd I had till date.


After having the big meal, we started again. We decided that we wont make any more stops till we reach bangalore this time. The ride back was faster. We reached bangalore at 3:30PM. All of us took a well deserved nap after. The ride was one of personal favourites till now. It was short as well as challenging. Takes you away from the busy and noisy city life to a quiet and simple town.

So says gvnd,
Just another frustrated software engineer


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