Nandi hills again…

It was at around at midnight on a thursday that vyshak calls me up telling that him and darshan are going to nandi hills and asked if i would like to tag along as well. Vyshak and darshan were my college buddies. I am a person who would not say no to any plan. So even without thinking that i am having office the next day i said yes to the plan. Vyshak told me that rakesh, another college friend, along with his friend would be joining  us as well. We decided to meet in front of manyata tech park. This would be my second visit there.

At 5:00AM we all met at manyata. Rakesh and his photographer friend came in a maruti 800, vyshak and darshan came in a classic 350 and i in my gixxer SF. Our plan was to see the sunrise. The ride was a smooth one. The roads were good. The hairpins were not that challenging but are not to be underestimated. By 6:00AM we reachd nandi hills. We waited for almost an hour for the gates to open. Once inside we realised it was a place for couples and families to spend some quality time together. It was not too cold and since our time of visit was summer, the sunrise was just like any other sunrise anywhere. We took a few pics and after that immediately headed back.


The ride back was faster naturally. Down the hill we reached within 15 minutes. After reaching the highway rakesh was supposed to be riding with me back, as his friend was gonna head towards hyderabad, but he did not have a helmet. Still he came with me and luckily we didnt get caught by the police. I dropped him at hebbal and we all parted ways. It was 9 by the time i got back to room and started getting ready for another monotonous day in office.

If you are wondering what nandi hills is, please click the link below for info on wiki
Nandi Hills

So says gvnd
Just another frustrated software engineer


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